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                                              Inside Rooms
There are only 16 inside rooms (example above). These are large and roomy enough for Pups own bed and toys.  The rooms are constructed of wood instead of concrete to prevent elbow & leg calluses.  These Rooms  have large doggy doors leading to 18' long, covered, outside porches shaded by Oak trees. Pup has free access to his outside porch.  Our Giant Breed Rooms are big enough for several large dogs or two Great Danes. There is a shoe box size container above the room for Pup's leash, medication, notes, toys, treats, etc.  

                                        Family Room
We have a large room, recently renovated, for a group of dogs in the same family. It has a private porch and its own private exercise yard. We have several clients with 4-6 dogs who use this room.  It will accommodate Giant breeds (Great Danes, Mastiffs, Gr Pyr, Newfs, St. Bernard, Irish Wolfhounds, etc. This room is available most of the time, but is used occasionally as a whelping room for our Champion Weimaraners. [ie, NOT AVAILABLE WHEN WE HAVE WEIMARANER PUPPIES]

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Outside Porches 
Our 18' long outside porches are completely covered by a hard roof with fluorescent lighting.  Our dogs are NEVER locked inside or outside.  This means that on rainy days, Pup will not be discouraged from going outside.  The outside porches open into the Main Exercise Paddock which is shaded (about 1/2 acre) where we exercise dogs 15-20 minutes, 4 times a day - in compatible pairs or family groups (same household). This paddock is completely fenced and hot-wired around the bottom to prevent digging. 
Let out exercise schedule:  6:30 AM, 12 Noon, 5:00 PM, & 9:00 PM.

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  Main Exercise Paddock 
This lovely 1/2 acre yard, shaded by large oak trees, is where our clients love to go on nature walks or just run around and play! Recently, we added a pile of mulch for the doggies to play "king of the mountain"!  

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 Side Yard
We have a medium sized paddock, also shaded and with no obstructions or bushes for shy dogs, senior citizens, blind, disabled dogs, toy dogs or very young puppies. We have a number of toys and obstacles in this yard for the dogs to utilize at their pleasure.

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Five Acres to enjoy
Well behaved dogs who really love to run, and reliably come back when called, are turned out into a 5 acre fenced in yard, where they can really stretch their legs!! We love to watch them run, roll on the grass, chase each other, fetch balls or frisbees and leap into the air!

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A Pond for playing and swimming!
Most of the year we are able to take many of our doggies swimming each afternoon in our fresh water pond. This is a really fun time for them and provides another great exercise experience.