Questions About Boarding?


How many runs to you have?  We have only 16 inside rooms which are connected to 18' covered outdoor runs.

When does my dog go out to exercise?  He will go out at 6:30AM, 12 noon, 5:00PM and 9:00PM

What should I bring for my dog while he is boarding?  Bring things for him to chew on, such as rawhide bones, greenies, shank bones, etc.  We discourage bringing their favorite soft, cuddly toys because often dogs carry their favorite toy into the outside run and other dogs can get them.

What vaccination records do I need to bring?  If your dog has had at least one series of adult shots this is all we need to see at the time you fill out your application.  Currently, all 27 North American veterinary schools have agreed to stop requiring yearly vaccinations because it has probably caused more harm than good over the years.  Some think that reacting to these unnecessary shots actually contributes to skin and food allergies, and possibly arthritis in later years. Three yr rabies is required by law; Bordetella (kennel cough) can be helpful.  The rest are not necessary.

Can I bring my own food?  Yes, of course.  We would prefer that it is bagged for individual meals.  But, we accept large bags with instructions.  If no food is provided, we feed Iams or Bil Jac.

Do I need to bring my leash?  Only if you need it when you pick your dog up.  We rarely use leashes and have our own if necessary.

Can my dog play with other dogs?  Oh yes!  If your dog likes to play, we will find other dogs for him to play with.  We have lots of Labs and Weimaraners who are wild about playing and running.

Can my dog have one on one play time?  Yes. We charge $5 for a 15 min play session - throwing balls, frisbees, etc

Can my dog go swimming?  Yes!  This is one of the most favorite activities we offer. We take small groups of dogs out to swim on pretty much a daily basis.  Even in the winter, there are often warm days and we go swimming.  We towel dogs off when they get into the kennel.

What about my dog's medication?  If the medication is just dropped into your dogs food and he will devour it, there is no charge. If we must put it in a bolus of peanut butter, cheese, canned food, etc, there is a $1-$2 charge/day depending on the amount of medication and effort it takes to get it into your dog.

What happens if my dog destroys his bed?  You will be charged $25-$50 depending on the amount of the mess we have to clean up.

What happens if my dog destroys kennel property?   If your dog chews the hoses, flap doors, wood, chain link, you will be charged $25-$75 depending on the extent of the damage and what it costs to repair.  For example: recently a German Shepherd chewed thru a chain link fence and it cost $50 to have it repaired.  Large Kennel flap doors are $50.  But, bottom line is this: we do not want destructive dogs in our kennel.

Are there certain breeds you do not board?  Well, yes.  We are open minded and will give each breed one chance to prove it is not aggressive to people and/or dogs.  In the past we have had problems with Chows, Rotties, Malamutes, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds.  Another bottom line: we do not board aggressive dogs for the protection of our other clients and ourselves!

What is your cancellation policy?  We require a 72 hr (3 day) notice of cancellation because we are holding your dog's room and turning away our other clients.  If you fail to notify us 3 days prior to your reservation, you will be charged a 4 day fee or the entire reservation, whichever is less.