2010 Christmas Family Photo
Robbie, Gary, Elena, Brendan and Megan

Silversmith Farm is on Johns Island,  set  back in the woods, up a long winding driveway. You may see Owls, hawks, Bald Eagles, pileated  wood peckers, Bobcats, Deer, river otters, Foxes, hummingbirds and lots of beautiful birds and butterflies.  

We are nature lovers and have established a number of bird and butterflies gardens on our farm. Here are some photos from around our farm. Starring our  "pasture potatoes", Peruvian Paso gelding, Martell and  our SSH/ TWH gelding, Joey, in their 10 acre pasture,

   OUR NEW HORSE!!  "Fendi"  (reg name Pretty Foolish) is a reg SSH/TWH show mare 4 1/2 yrs old purchased from Bayfield Farm in Oxford, NC.  Fendi is a gorgeous chestnut tobiano girl, well trained by Kevin Gilliam. She is doing great  on trail rides with Joey and Martell.  Fendi arrived on 12/4/09.  Here is a video of her meeting the boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie3c6ba1Z1o

joey1.jpg (109835 bytes)    Hondo's Glorious Joe "Joey" , a SSH/TWH was purchased February 2003 from Golden Gates Farm (now in Shelbyville, TN) and has been a wonderful trail and field horse.  He is drop dead gorgeous!!


Martell is a reg Peruvian Paso gelding who was bred by Cherokee Farms in Yamasee, SC. He was purchased at age 6 in 1995 and was our first trail and field horse. Martell is gentle and has been riding kids all his life.


toro11.jpg (51941 bytes)  Toro [1991-2009] Tes D'Oro Del Rey, a reg Peruvian Paso gelding was purchased at age 5 in 1996.  He was our second trail and field horse.  Sadly, we lost Toro to complications from Cushings disease in 2009.


Megan (21) &
Robbie (18)             Plums and tomatoes from our garden

suppertime.jpg (59537 bytes)
Waiting for supper

Joey and Martel at a field trial.

Farmph1.jpg (11331 bytes) Elena's older stepkids, Lynda Smith DeKoning, Susan Smith West and Allen Smith.

Gary & Elena

        EGnov01.jpg (35019 bytes)  2010





  2009 Christmas Family Photo 
Megan,  Elena, Gary, & Robbie Lamberson