GCh Silversmith Catch Of The Day, MH RDX NAVHDA UT3 CGC
                                                     CAA RATN VX2 BROM

                         Our Little Smarty Pants
      #1 Dam for 2014!!!




11/13/11: We are proud of our Weims!  Above in the center is our girl Catcher: Ch. Silversmith Catch Of The Day, MH, NRD who finished her Master Hunter title at 2 yrs of age.  In front is her sire: Ch. Smokey Topaz Gray Hawk, MH, CD, NA, NRD V BROM/FROM and behind her is her dam: Ch. Silversmith Blosser Evolution, MH, NRD, SDX V  BROM FROM.  Catcher is a 3rd generation Ch/MH!! Thanks to Rick Hopkins for his excellent care and field training of Catcher!

Catcher is a GrandChampion/Master Hunter - the first bitch in our breed and only the 3rd ever! We are so proud of her.  Thanks Ashley Watkins for piloting her to her GCh.

                            Catcher's pups are competing in both show and field                                

                          Stay tuned for updates on Catcher's talented puppies!

Catcher's 3rd & last litter was just one girl puppy born August 4, 2014 again sired by BIF/BISS Ch. Pikes Peak Silversmith Summit, SH, NRD SDX VX BROM   Little Rosebud will be a special super pup!  At 7 mos, Rosebud is pointed from puppy class and has her JH!!
Silversmith Catching Rose Petals at Sandstorm, JH NAVHDA NA1 RD (still looking for a major in Wisconsin)  2 SH legs. Rosebud is owned by Sandy Hoesel, Cascade, WI


Catcher's second litter born August 13, 2013 was sired by BIF/BISS Ch. Pikes Peak Silversmith Summit, SH, NRD SDX VX BROM 4 boys & 4 girls  All 7 of these pups are now Champions working in the field.

Ch. Silversmith Catch The False Start is owned by Austin Appell of Goose Creek, SC

Ch. Silversmith N Wilwin's Catch The Water Lilies is owned by Connie Williams, Phoenix, AZ.  Monet finished with 3 major wins at the WCA Nationals week in Longbeach, CA

Ch Silversmith Catch The Hunting Trophy is owned by  Matthew & Vanessa Cole, Summerville, SC He finished with all majors & is working in SH

Ch Silversmith Catch The Night Watch is owned by Terry & Mary Tiller of Macon, GA. 

Ch Silversmith Catch Grace In Motion is owned by Nancy Usher of Brunswick, GA. Gracie is working on GCh and JH

GCh. Silversmith Catch The Lady of Shallott, JH NAVHDA NA2/UT2 CAA SDX RD VX is owned by Steve & Debbie Hill of King George, VA. 

Ch. Silversmith Catch A Starry Night is owned by Sam & Margie Williams of Hillsborough, NC. 


Catcher's first litter born August 19, 2012 was sired by BIF/BIM/BISS GCh Star Synchronous Rotation, MH RD SDX VX BROM

GCh. Silversmith Synchronous Triggerfish, SH  owned by Bobbi Smith & TJ Scott, Charleston.  "Ruger" finished his JH in his first 4 tests at 6 months of age.  He finished his Ch with 4 majors from puppy class. Ruger will run in Master Hunter this fall.  

Ch. Silversmith Synchronous Seastar, JH "Star" owned by Joe & Kathi Stringer, Waxhaw, NC.  Star finished with 4 majors from puppy class. Star is being trained for Senior Hunter/Master Hunter this fall.

 Ch. Silversmith Kickin Halibut, OAJ  "Hallie" is owned by Carol Easterly of Belleville, IL,  won points from puppy class & is an Agility Star.   

Ch. Silversmith Chiquita Bonita, JH  "Fin" is owned by Dona Tanaka & Louise Brady of Los Angeles, CA. Fin is being trained for Senior Hunter/Master Hunter this fall.

Ch. Silversmith Synchronous Amberjack, SH is owned by Raymond & Marcia Giles of Summerville, GA. Jackson is being trained for Senior Hunter/Master Hunter this fall.

 Catcher watching TV utube.com/watchKPtDbilN4oY

Here is a video of Catcher winning her 3rd major win - 4 pts at one of the Greenville, SC shows.  You can see that she is a top quality bitch in conformation & movement.         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiZPqXytv_k

Here is Catcher competing and winning her first Dock Diving Contest:

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