When you reach the top!
BISS/BIF/Multi Group Winner 
 2014, 2015, 2016 &2017 #1 Top Producing Sire in US




Louisville, KY 3  girls & 1 boy born March 25, 2016
Mom: GCh. Meriwood's Silversmith SheDevil, SH NRD V
Breeders: Carrie Albert & Elena Lamberson
Ch. Silversmith I'll Have Another Von Stark
Silversmith Whirlaway Von Stark

Manning, SC Born May 16, 2016  4 boys & 2 girls!
Mom:  Ch. Meriwood's Santee Shell Silversmith, MH

Breeders: Merry Woodham & Elena Lamberson  eslamberson@msn.com

Johns Island, SC Born August 28, 2014  3 boys & 4 girls!
Mom:  Ch.
Silversmith Europa Von Luchbach, JH NSD
Breeders: Merry Woodham & Elena Lamberson  eslamberson@msn.com
Silversmith Southern Cross
Silversmith Pax
Silversmith Alpha Cassieopea
Silversmith Love You To The Moon N Back


 Bealeton, VA born August 21, 2015  4 boys and 4 girls
Mom: GCh. Chateway's Ante Up, JH TD RN CGC NRD VX
Breeders: Mari Lockhart & Gayle Prescott
Contact Mari  dabiggreydawg@msn.com
GCh Chateway's Haze Grey and Underway, JH NAVHDA NA1


 Johns Island, SC born 7/11/15 - 3 boys & 1 girl
Mom: Silversmith Europa Von Luchbach, JH NSD
Breeder: Elena Lamberson

Can Ch. Silversmith Rocket Man of Pluto


 Monkton, MD - REPEAT BREEDING: born May 20, 2015  2 boys & 3 girls
Mom: BISS/BIS/BIF/BIM GCh. Northwood's Send Money Honey - #1 Show Weimaraner in USA for 2012

Breeder: Heidi Warren heidi-phil@northwoodsweims.com  


Manning SC  Born Januar 5, 2015  - 3 boys & 3 girls
Mom: GCh. Meriwood's Seneca River Silversmith, MH NRD CA NAVHDA NA2 VX

Breeders: Kimberly Miller & Elena Lamberson  eslamberson@msn.com
GCh. Silversmith Sea Smoke Agave
GCh Silversmith Citadel Blue Strike
GCh. Silversmith Luna Nueva 
GCh. Silversmith Sunrise o'r The Charles W Morgan
GCh. Silversmith Nueva Paloma- 3 majors
Miller's Fine Tequila Senorita - needs 1 major


Timonium, MD Born December 19, 2014 - 5 boys & 3 girls
Ch Chateway's Lady Luck, JH
Breeders: Amy Alevizatos  & Gayle Prescott  410-274-8355


Johns Island, SC  Born August 4, 2014  One little fat girl Rosebud
Mom:  GCh. Silversmith Catch Of The Day, MH NRD V BROM

Breeders:Elena Lamberson, Megan Rice, Merry Woodham   eslamberson@msn.com
Ch Silversmith Catching Rose Petals At Sandstorm, JH, NAVHDA NA1


Manning, SC Born May 17, 2014  7 boys & 3 girls!
Mom:  Ch. Meriwood's Santee Shell Silversmith, MH

Breeders: Merry Woodham & Elena Lamberson  eslamberson@msn.com

CH Meriwood UpSea Daisy Silversmith
GCH Meriwood Sea No Evil Silversmith
GCh. Meriwood Sylvie Sea Silversmith, MH

GCh. Meriwood Sea N Stars Silversmith
GCh. Meriwood TopSea Turvey Silversmith
Meriwood's Caspian Sea Silversmith - pointed


Cerritos,CA  born January 19  2014 2 boys and 3 girls.
Mom:  G
Ch. Valmar's Look Whose Talking
Breeders: Bob & Vickie Margolis.502-926-3621  rvmargolis@att.net
Ch. Silogram Shut Out
Ch. Silograms Wrigley


Johns Island, SC  born August 13 2013 3 boys & 4 girls
GCh Silversmith Catch Of The Day, MH NRD V
Breeder: Elena Lamberson eslamberson@msn.com or 843-559-3938
Ch. Silversmith N Wilwins Catch The Water Lilies  "Monet"
Ch. Silversmith Catch The Hunting Trophy "Jaeger"
Ch. Silversmith Catch Grace In Motion  "Gracie"
Ch. Silversmith Catch A Starry Night "Beady"-
Ch. Silversmith Catch The Lady Of Shalot  "Sadie"
Ch. Silversmith Catch The False Start "Brody"
Ch. Silversmith Catch The Night Watch  "Axel"

 Lockhaven, PA  born June 24, 2013 - 2 girls & 6 boys
Mom:  BIM Ch. Nani's Gibson Girl, JH NA

Breeder: Nadine McGraw 570=858-5204 pa.nadine@comcast.net or Chris Vining paulhvining@aol.com
Ch. Zulla's Farm Dawg
Ch. Zulla's Aint Love Grand, JH
Ch. Zulla N Versa's Field of Dreams

 Monkton, MD born March 25, 2013  3 boys & 8 girls
Mom: BISS/BIS/BIF/BIM GCh. Northwood's Send Money Honey - #1 Show Weimaraner in USA for 2012

Breeder: Heidi Warren heidi-phil@northwoodsweims.com  
Ch. Northwood's Applebee's Its Only Money Honey
Ch. Northwood's Applebee's In The Money
Ch. Northwood's Applebee's Run For The Money
Ch. Northwood's Applebee's Smart Money On Java
Ch. Northwood's Applebee's Nuttin But Money

Northwood's Applebee's For Love Of Money (pointed)

 Colorado Spring, CO born February 13, 2013 2 girls & 1 boy
Ch. Pikes Peak California Dreamin'
Breeder: Lou Novosad, DVM  carlie4@mindspring.com
Ch. Pikes Peak Tiger Lily


Upper Saddle River, NJ born August 19, 2012  7 girls, 1 boy
Ch. Grayhart Purple Haze,CD JH OA OAJ SD SDX VX
Breeder: Linda Hartheimer  grayhartweimaraners@gmail.com   https://sites.google.com/site/grayhartweimaraners/

Grayharts How High The Moon - pointed

 Madrid, Spain  born June 17, 2012  2 girls, 6 boys
Ch. Silversmith Arnsdadt Joyeux Esprite, JH NSD "Joy"
 Breeder: Jose Luis Garcia Cordoba joseluis@garciacordoba.com  

Crestview, FL  born June 15, 2012  1 Girl, 1 Boy
Mom: Ch. Strange Brew's Heart Of Glass  "Buckey"
Breeder: Valerie Riggs, strangebrew_weims@hotmail.com  850-423-0790 
Ch  Strangebrews Little Deuce Coup

Magnolia, DE  born  May 17, 2012  2 boys & 7 girls!

Repeat breeding!
Mom: Ch. Quantrel Frosted Mocha Moo, SH, NSD "Sadie"
Breeders: Marc St Jean  marc@tnias.org & Nadine Todd
Home (302) 698-5356, Cell (302) 331-1158
Ch. Frost Oaks Heza Catch, JH, NSD (4 mjaors from puppy class & 2 JH legs)

Ch. Frost Oak Quantrel Git R Done  (4 majors from BBE class) Gp placements, Top 10 Show 2014
Ch. Frost Oak Silversmith Phillippa, JH NSD

Monkton, MD born Feb 1, 2012- 3 girls, 4 boys
Mom: BIF Ch. Northwood's Its My Time To Shine "Eva"
Breeder: Heidi Warren heidi-phil@northwoodsweims.com  410-472-3181.
GCh. Northwood Applebees Measure Of Success - 13 month old Trump was AOM & SEL at 2013 WCA Nationals! DC Specialty winner!
Ch. Northwood's Vanity Light The Way 2013 Best Bitch in Futurity! 2014 Best Bitch in Maturity
GCh. Northwood's Set Fire To The Rain - multiple BOB winner!
Ch. Northwood Silversmith Islevue Rumor


New Holland, SC born Feb 5, 2011 2 boys , 3 girls
Mom: Ch. Silversmith Sancere Gruyere
Breeders: Melissa Hartley & Elena Lamberson

Sindar Manwe Silversmith, NSD, NRD  "Tres"

Tres at 11 months on point with his owner Richard Nagorniak.

 "Tres"  swimming for the first time at almost 4 mos . TRES 

  Ch. Sindar Elsbereth v Silversmith

GCh Son Sindar Valaroma v Silversmith has several Best of Breeds and a Group placement. 2nd in his Maturity Class! Top 10 Show!


Johns Island, SC  born 8/21/11 - 2 girls & 4 boys
Mom: Ch. Silversmith Petite Verdot, JH, NSD
Breeder: Elena Lamberson

  Littermates win majors at first shows from 6-9 pup class! Son "Duke" wins 5 pt major and Best Dog in Sweeps at Tarheel Weim Club Specialty!  Both win majors from 6-9 pup class

Pups being shown:
GCh. Silversmith Castile Aragon, JH  NSD, 2013 BEST DOG IN FUTURITY!!
Ch. Silversmith Castillo Nueva Cumbre, JH NSD

Ontario, Canada: Litter born 5/16/2011 - 2 girls & 6 boys!
Mom:  Can Ch. Weatherrun's Good Golly Ms Molly, NAVHDA NA
Born May 16, 2011 Tom Lyons, WeatherRun Weims  tlyon@tcc.on.ca or  519-233-7238  Several Canadian CHs

Connecticut: Litter born 6/1/2011  3 girls & 2 boys !

Mom: Rosaic's Dust In My Dreams,CD JH OA OAJ MF RN NRD VX (needs 1 pt to finish CH)

Breeders: Lynette Bresnahan capejupitr@aol.com 860 633 7909 or Lorna Godsill galasaz@cox.net 860 643 0188


Ch. Rosaic's Southern Road Bunker, NRD, NAVHDA NA3

Ch. Rosaic's Southern Journay, NRD NAVHDA NA1
Ch. Rosaic's Southern Pizzaz, NRD

Delaware - 5 girls born 6/15/11

Mom: Ch Quantrel's Frosted Mocha Moo,SH

Breeder: Marc St Jean and Nadine Todd

Home (302) 698-5356, Cell (302) 331-1158,

  Beautiful Sophie finished from puppy class! Summit's first GCh!
GCh Frost Oak's View From The Summit 2013 BEST BITCH IN FUTURITY & Best Opp Sex at WCA National Specialty!!


GCh. Frost Oak's View From The Summit  shown at 7 months winning two 4 pt majors & Best Bitch in Sweepstakes in the same weekend!  Sophie is owned by Marc St Jean and Nadine Todd of Magnolia, DE

2008 LITTER:
Swed CH/BISS US Ch. Driftwood's Time Out Of Mind, JH, NRD, NSD V Swedish Blood Tracking Ch born 8/24/08

 Frozen semen is available in the US.
 Contact eslamberson@msn.com

PennHip (0.34/0.38: no DJD)
Mom: Ch. Starbucks Greta Garbo
Breeder: Joan Mulford

Bobby won Best of Breed from the 12-18 class over 5 specials at the Chattahoochee WC Specialty for a 5 pt major 9/09. At his next show, he won another 5 pt specialty major at the Gr Charleston WC Specialty and then went BOB over 9 specials at Charleston KC. He won his class at the Southern Futurity. Bobby is showing in Europe & is winning up a storm! He has 2 Working Group 1s, a BIS6 and a BIS5( in shows with some 8,000 dogs!) More about Bobby at Mimmi Erixon's website  www.mimmtrix.com


BIF Ch. Driftwood's Once Upon A Time, JH, NSD -

OFA - Exc
Mom: Ch. Starbucks Greta Garbo
Breeder: Joan Mulford

Congratulations to Joan Mulford and "Cinders" for winning WB, BOW for her first major at the Tarheel Specialty show from the 6-9 puppy class. Cinders won a 5 pt major at the Gr Charleston Weim Club specialty and finished with a 3rd major at the Raleigh shows.  Cinders also won 2009 BEST BITCH IN SOUTHERN FUTURITY!

Ch. Silversmith Dont Think Twice At Woodrose,  JH
Mom: Can Ch. Ghostwinds Electra Silversmith,
Breeders: Elena Lamberson & Jenn Oliver

Leo is owned by Karen Lyons of Dillwyn, VA



Many more upcoming..................